Perpetual Motion attended the Zone Music Awards in New Orleans this year. Josie performed with Sensitive Chaos and Darlene Koldenhoven, Tom presented two awards, and we had tons of fun!

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Promo Shots

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Perpetual Motion then & now

If you have some photos taken from a PM show that you’d like to share post them on our Facebook page, and we’ll put them in our gallery!

Fan photos – Perpetual Motion in concert:

Great photos from our appearance at the Zone Music Awards Show in New Orleans! What an honor it was to be invited to perform.

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Here are some great shots from the Dairy Center for the Arts. What a fun show!

MGP_4538-3430138378-O MGP_4539-3430141307-O MGP_4540-3430141547-O MGP_4543-3430143896-O MGP_4544-3430143675-O MGP_4551-3430146078-O


Thanks to Donna Jo Thornton for these shots from the same night:

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Thanks to Chuck Montera for these shots from the Mercury Cafe:

IMG_9523 IMG_9518 IMG_9516 IMG_9510 IMG_9507

Swallow Hill show April 13. 2014. Thanks, Ming Chew!

IMG_1791-2 IMG_1793-2

Josie, Tom and Blake appearing on America’s Soul Live at The Olde Town Pickin’ Parlor in Arvada 7/15/08. A terrific evening performing with Rebecca Folsom, Jon Chandler, Butch Hause, Ernie Martinez, and Johnny Neill.
Photos by Bill Patterson

Image 8 Image 9 Image 10 Image 11 Image 12 Image 13


Performing at the16th Annual Swallow Hill Folk Festival 9/8/07.
Photos by Laura “Spunky” McGaughey

Percussionist Lawrence Sims sits in with the band at Dazzle Restaurant & Lounge, Denver, CO December 13, 2006.
Photos by Jason Kniser

Nissi’s, Lafayette, CO September 27, 2006.
Photos by Laksamee Putnam


Josie and Tom at the 15th Annual Swallow Hill Folkfest, Denver, CO July 2006.
Photos by Reggie Barrett

Josie and Tom performing at “Friends of Folk” at Mary’s Lake Lodge in Estes Park, CO May 26, 2006.
Photos by Dick Orleans.


String Theory CD Release Concert at Swallow Hill Music Association, Denver, CO March 12, 2006.
Photos by David Barber/

Skyline Park Lunch Concert Series, Denver, CO July 2005.
Photos by Bob Hayes.


Dazzle Restaurant & Lounge, Denver, CO July 2005.
Photo by John Hollander


Old South Gaylord Memorial Day Festival, Denver, CO May 2005.
Photos by Gayle Eberhard.

Josie performing at DIA International Performance Series, Denver, CO.
Photo by Glenn Asakawa/The Denver Post.

Josie at Avagadro’s Number, Fort Collins, CO.
Photo by Tim Schmidt

Tom at The House of Rock, Northglen, CO.

Old South Gaylord Memorial Day Festival, Denver, CO May 2003.
Photos by Gayle Eberhard.

Blake, Josie and Tom performing at DIA International Performance Series, Denver, CO December 2003.
Photo by Meredith Gabow.


Josie and Tom performing at the “Friends of Folk” concert at the Notchtop Restaurant in Estes Park, CO.
Photos by Dick Orleans.