Acoustic World Fusion

 Rear View 

Nominated Best Acoustic Instrumental Album by the Zone Music Reporter! 

Rear View is a look back at twenty-five years of making music together. We
hope you enjoy this collection of remastered and remixed favorites from our past releases as much as
we enjoyed putting it together for you.
What people are saying about “Rear View”:

“There’s just so much great music on Rear View!”

“I could go and on, praising the simpatico of the musicians and the seamless fusion of various genres within selected songs, but you’re just going to have to trust me when I urge you to grab a copy of Rear View and hear its many delights for yourself.”

Bill Binkleman-Zone Music Reporter

“Each song is a chapter that celebrates a union of hearts, minds and talents of two people that have music running in their veins”

RJ Lannan-Zone Music Reporter

“Rear View is a wonderful aural tour through twenty-five years of music created by Perpetual Motion. Always masterful yet smooth and relaxed, the joy of making music is the one constant element in their sound.”
“With pieces ranging from lively, exotic and festive to simple, serene and down-to-earth, one can easily get an overall defined sense of the stylistic range and musical variety that Perpetual Motion often cruise through. Providing a thoroughly rewarding ride along its collection of contemporary acoustic soundscapes, this album certainly offers no shortage of compelling sights to see along the way!”
“The broad strokes of sound painted on their musical canvas is the perfect marriage of sound, color, and vibrations.”
“…the sense of life and the zest for the living of it is “owned” by this great duo…I give Perpetual Motion a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”

Rear View by Tom Carleno and Josie Quick is a timeless offering of great tunes, wonderfully encapsulating musical moments of reverie, a compilation of compositions that span a quarter of a century. If you know of the artist’s work, this is a must get purchase, but if you don’t, but like the combination of perfectly balanced and superbly produced instrumental music, I would recommend putting this one on your musical radar as quick as you can.

Steve Sheppard- One World Music

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The unlikely pairing of a classically trained chamber musician and a rock guitarist has yielded Perpetual Motion, a Denver based jazz ensemble known for moving through genres to create one eclectic sound. Elegant with an element of adventure, the acoustic/electric violin and guitar duo Perpetual Motion’s music is a vibrant blend of world music, progressive jazz, blues and rock.

Here’s a song for you:

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