Perpetual Motion blends elements of classical, jazz, rock, world music, and more. Josie Quick's dynamic violin playing blends the soul of jazz with the fiery passion of world music.
Accomplished guitarist Tom Carleno creates a rich and textured backdrop for Josie's melodies.

Together, Josie and Tom form a captivating musical partnership. Seamless improvisation, intricate harmonies, and a genuine musical connection mark their performances.
Winner 2020 Peace Song Award “Best Jazz”

Nominated for Zone Music Award “Best Acoustic Instrumental Album” 2020

Nominated One World Music Award “Best Contemporary Instrumental” 2020

Nominated for Zone Music Award “Best Acoustic Instrumental Album” 2020

Chuck Montera

“I can't say enough good things about Perpetual Motion. Every concert I've attended has been outstanding. Whether it's in front of 200 people at Swallow Hill Music or 40 at Mercury Cafe Denver, they always deliver. Tom Carleno and Josie Quick are outstanding musicians. Their music is like taking a journey around the world. They incorporate the styles of samba, bossa nova, calypso, flamenco, Django-style hot jazz, and rock into their songs. The emotion they convey through their songs is real and heartfelt.”

Hanna AckermanFormer Concert Director, Swallow Hill Music

“Remarkably, Perpetual Motion does exactly what their name says. From the moment the lights come upon them, they are engaged with their audience, sweeping them along on a quick trip around the world. It’s rare and beautiful to see a whole room of vastly different people moving together, leaving their everyday world behind, and being carried, up and away by Perpetual Motion’s lively melodies and expert musicianship. Perpetual Motion creates an escape and brings their audiences with them on a rising wave of fun, beauty, and connection until the very last note.

Saul RosenthalFounding member of Rocky Mountain Jewgrass and owner, The Denver Folklore Center

“Spend a few minutes in person with PERPETUAL MOTION members Josie Quick and Tom Carleno and you will see their unique and undeniable chemistry as a couple, each playing off the other with the same quirky sense of humor, quick smile, and easy-going nature. That same chemistry is instantly apparent when they perform instrumentally live as well. Josie’s violin and Tom’s guitar pirouette around the other in a delightful dance of in-sync simpatico. Whether you see them in concert or hear one of their albums, you will hear more than enough virtuosity to instill admiration and respect for their talent.”

I love Perpetual Motion! Josie and Tom are not only talented but so creative in their songwriting and performances. Being at their shows is like taking a bath in musical vibrations. Not to be missed!

Marnie Ward

Josie and Tom are fabulous musicians! Their style is unique with Josie's outstanding violin looping and Tom's incredible guitar playing - the sound wraps you up leaves you feeling great. Thank you both for sharing your talent with us!

Gail DeVore

Perpetual Motion is one of the most emotionally honest bands I've ever heard. I own Vision Quest Entertainment, a talent agency in Denver, Colorado. I have often had the joyful opportunity to book one or both of these talented musicians and my clients are always thrilled with the beautiful music they provide! Don't miss an opportunity to hear this talented duo -- I guarantee that your heart will be touched...

Lisa Downing