Perpetual Motion’s music is a vibrant blend of world music,  jazz, blues, and new age. It’s elegant with a sense of adventure. 

“Remarkably, Perpetual Motion does exactly what their name says. From the moment the lights come up on them, they are engaged with their audience, sweeping them along on a quick trip around the world. It’s rare and beautiful to see a whole room of vastly different people moving together, leaving their everyday world behind, and being carried, up and away by Perpetual Motion’s lively melodies and expert musicianship.  Perpetual Motion creates an escape and brings their audiences with them on a rising wave of fun, beauty, and connection until the very last note.  – Hanna Ackerman, Concert director, Swallow Hill Music

Nominated for Zone Music Award “Best Acoustic Instrumental Album” 2020

Nominated One World Music Award “Best Contemporary Instrumental” 2020

Nominated for Zone Music Award “Best Acoustic Instrumental Album” 2020

“Thank you so much for sending out your new CD “DANCE OF TWO SOULS” I took the time out to listen to the whole CD yesterday and must say it’s incredible , you’ve raised the bar , most impressive indeed , wonderful recording quality and sounds GREAT !!!!” Peter Hammond, 2MAXFM Australia

Like many creatives, we have been impacted by the COVID-19 virus by having to cancel several concerts, including our tour. If you’d like to show support for Perpetual Motion, please use the button below to make a donation.

Deja Vu

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