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Denver, Colorado

Like all the best love stories, Perpetual Motion began with a little white lie. An award-winning rock guitarist met an enchanting classically trained violin player at a party and asked her to help him record some guitar-violin duo songs he had written. She agreed, curious about him, and with his heart in his throat he sprinted home to get started writing those violin parts.

25 years later and Tom and Josie are still writing music for each other, music that ignores genre in favor of freedom. Perpetual Motion exists in the spaces between music from everywhere: a vibrant blend of Central and South American folk, progressive jazz, and blues.  Tom’s deep beat of classic rock and Josie’s complex thrill of gypsy violin work together to wrap around your core and make you want to move. They move in vibrant counterpoint: composed and improvised, local and worldwide, profoundly present and ethereally moving.  

Josie Quick was classically trained at the University of Denver and teaches at one of the preeminent community music education organizations in the country, Swallow Hill Music. Tom Carleno won Best Instrumental Album at the 2014 Zone Music Awards. And so, the love story continues: Josie and Tom creating Perpetual Motion.

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