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 “Dance of Two Souls” is an exotic, ebullient album, overflowing with the joy of life. 

“Dance of Two Souls” is the first album from the duo Perpetual Motion in ten years. Their seventh album together, violinist Josie Quick and husband Tom Carleno, an award-winning guitarist, bring us an exuberant, exotic, vivacious blend of world music, progressive jazz, and blues; “acoustic world fusion.”  

Inspired by places they’ve visited and lands still waiting to be explored, the thirteen intricately composed tracks are a joyful celebration of life, love, good health, and the gift of being able to make music together. Joining Josie and Tom on the album are Blake Eberhard on electric and acoustic basses, and Christian Teele on drums and percussion.  The album is like the gypsy in your soul.  It’s lively, carefree, colorful, and adventurous. So, get your traveling shoes on and let’s go. . .

The album opens with the very exciting “Sunsplash,” which was inspired by a trip to Belize and watching the sun setting into the ocean from aboard a boat.  Fun, and truly sparkling, it’s the perfect beginning to this album.  Following is “Diabla,” which translates to “she-devil.” This song takes us on a journey through the mountains of Central America. Dynamic and spirited, we can feel ourselves there.  “The Happy Song” is wonderful, with a fabulous and flowing violin melody, guitar blending perfectly around, percussion and a great beat underneath. Very nice and very happy.  

We are easily transported to a French café in the splendid “Déjà Vu.”  Josie says, “It’s a memory of a place we’ve never been.” For never having been there, they have flawlessly captured the rich and flavorful essence of such a place.  

The title track, “Dance of Two Souls,” is one to listen to again and again.  This sensuous bossa nova magnetically draws you in from the start. Silky and sumptuous, it is a graceful, effortless dance.  I just love it. 

“Troublant Boléro,” a song written b

y Django Reinhardt and Jacques Larue, is very nicely covered. Guitar, violin, bass, drums are all excellent together. It’s a stellar mix.  

Inspired by a trip to South America, “Dos Gringos” is intriguing and passionate. “Viaje del Corazón” perfectly captures the sights, sounds, and ambiance of a trip to Cuba.  

“Swinging Cats” is “Stray Cats meet gypsy jazz.” This is totally fun and playful. In addition to Josie’s flawless violin performance, there is a great guitar solo in here as well.  Like the long, languid days of summer, “Summertime,” written by George and Ira Gershwin and Dubose Heyward, leads us into a lovely daydream.  Again, flawless performances by all. 

My total favorite on the album is the marvelous “Where Does the Time Go.”   We can feel every note and nuance of this song in the very depths of our soul.  This has got a mysterious, Eastern flair and is simply spectacular in all regards. 

“Esmeralda” is titled for the Hunchback of Notre Dame’s unrequited love of a gypsy girl. This is expressive and deeply moving.  The album closes out nicely with “Por Causa de Você,” which means “because of you.” This is a wonderful composition where we can almost hear lyrics where there are none. This feels like an intimate conversation and it’s another favorite on this ebullient album, overflowing with life.  

Full Credits: 

Josie Quick: Acoustic and electric violins

Tom Carleno: Acoustic guitars

Blake Eberhard: Electric and acoustic basses

Christian Teele: Drums and percussion (Christian plays Pork Pie Drums and Bouillez Acoustics cajons)

Produced by Josie Quick and Tom Carleno

All songs arranged by Josie Quick and Tom Carleno

Engineered and mixed by Steve Avedis

Additional percussion recorded by Christian Teele

Mastered by Tom Capek

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Colorado Sound Studios, Westminster, CO 

All songs published by Swallowtail Music except “Summertime” published by WB Music Corp OBO Ira Gershwin Music, Kobalt Music Pub America Inc, Raleigh Music Publishing OBO Nokawi Music, and “Troublant Boléro” published by Jewel Music Publishing Co. Inc.

Front cover painting by Quana Madison 

Photography by Mark Sink

Rating: Excellent 5stars

Dyan Garris, Zone Music Reporter

“The combination of Josie’s progressive melodic violin playing and the gentle, rhythmic and Latin influenced guitar provided by partner Tom Carleno makes for sweet music.  The broad strokes of sound painted on their musical canvas is the perfect marriage of sound, color, and vibrations. This is all natural with no additives, it is acoustic world fusion with jazz added for spice and snap. So, sit down and enjoy a homemade recipe of music straight from the magical fingers of two very talented souls.”

Rating Excellent 5 stars  Keith Hannaleck- MusikMan Reviews Read the full review

Inspired by places visited and some not yet seen, Perpetual Motion has created Dance of Two Souls, an album that overflows with sunshine, joy, happy memories, romance and just enough drama to keep it real. Violin and guitar dance together beautifully in the hands of Josie Quick and Tom Carleno (Perpetual Motion)

Kathy Parsons Kathy’s Picks Read the full review

 “Dance of Two Souls”, certainly puts you in the mood for dancing ’round the room until the sun rises… Josie’s violin meshes perfectly with Tom’s gently swaying acoustic guitar style… I have no doubt that this song will be getting some MAJOR airplay ’round the globe!

They’re joined by some excellent players, too… Blake Eberhard: electric and acoustic basses and Christian Teele: drums and percussion (Christian plays Pork Pie drums and Bouillez Acoustics cajons)… you’ll hear them in all their musical glory on Josie’s lively original “Dos Gringos”… though a very short piece, it’s gives you splendid visions of the regions south of our borders… I just LOVED this tune.

Tom’s acoustic guitar intro on his original piece “Where Does The Time Go” segues ever-so-nicely into a wonderful musical portrait of the movement of time… in-time and on-time for every note, this song ABSOLUTELY merits an award!

Of the thirteen tasty tunes offered up for your own celebration, it is (hands-down) Tom’s original, “Por Causa de Voce” (meaning “Because of You”) that got my pick for personal favorite… the recording is flawless, and the performance is (truly) among the best I’ve heard (yet) in 2019 on this most enjoyable piece of music!

I give Josie, Tom & their players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99, for this rousing musical adventure.  Rotcod Zzaj  Dick Metcalf –Contemporary Fusion Reviews

Perpetual Motion (guitarist Tom Carleno and violinist Josie Quick, aided by bassist Blake Eberhard and drummer/percussionist Christian Teele), take their acoustic instrumental music in a decidedly “south of the border” direction with easily discerned musical influences from Central and South America and the Caribbean. Dance of Two Souls is sultry, passionate, and sensual music played with utmost virtuosity and supercharged with soulfulness, fun, and the sheer joy of making music designed to celebrate life. Besides the 11 fantastic songs penned by the duo (nine by Quick and two by Carleno), check out their takes on the classic “Summertime,” as well the Django Reinhardt/Jacques Larue-penned “Troublant Boléro.” – Bill Binkleman, Retailing Insight October 2019