Blog-The Making of a CD

January 18 and 19

I’ve got my pedal board all ready for the electric violin tunes, warming up for a long productive day.

We assembled our stellar crew and off we went to Colorado Sound to begin recording our new CD! We’re really excited to bring the music we’ve written to life with this recording. We’ve been performing some of these as a duo for a while, and it’s so much fun to hear them rounded out by this amazing rhythm section. Expert engineer Steve Avedis was running the board, and Christian Teele set up his congas and cajon, Blake Eberhard brought in his collection of basses, and we had a great time laying down the basic tracks for the new album.  We scheduled two ten hour days (yikes!), planning on five songs each day. Christian and Blake are such pros that we knocked out eight songs in the first day! We returned the next day to finish up the remaining two, plus a trio and a duet.

My campsite for two days. Steve built me a little house with screens to keep the sound of my violin from bleeding onto the other tracks.

Tom gets ready in his isolation booth.




Blake and Christian playing nicely together.


The drummer’s here. We can relax now.


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